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Blender Bottle protein Shaker

Blender bottle protein shaker allows you to mix your protein drink; meal replacement or nutrition supplements easy and smoothly say 'goodbye' to lumpy protein shakes, and 'hello' to smooth, great-tasting drinks. Why not take your gym or brand to the next level by selling your own blender bottle protein shaker with your gym or brand logo why sell other brand shakers when you can sell your own!

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 Reach more members by having your own shaker with your gym or brand logo

 Ideal for promotional item 

 BPA free

 Leak-proof design

 Top rack dishwasher safe

 7 day turn around

 Blender bottle comes in transparent & fluorescent colors you 

can choose from 6 different colors black, blue, orange, red, lime 

green, purple.

 All shakers available in the UK

 Minimum order 100 shakers

 Subject to setup cost

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ACCESSORIES (Change to 3 in 1 Shaker Bottle)

3 in 1 shaker bottle

The 3 in 1 protein shaker has revolutionized the shaker industry by adding additional features to a shaker to make your life easy by creating two compartments on the lower end of the shaker, one compartment is ideal to store you nutritional powder and the other to store vitamins and minerals. The shaker is made with good quality plastic with a leak proof design.